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Day 7. Mission Begin.

Your parents are away for business for a few days so you were left to stay at home alone. Well, not anymore since Rin came to your place.




"I'm bored..." You rolled around on the cushion you were sitting on as you put down the game console you were holding.

"What do you wanna do then?" Rin asked you as he put his console down as well.

"Um.... What do you wanna do?

"What ever it is you want to do."

You pouted at his respond. "You're not helping!"

"I wasn't trying to."

"Don't say that~" you playfully pushed Rin on his chest. However, it seems that you had used too much force since you now ended up being right on top of Rin, stradding him, face only inches apart.

"Oi, is this what you wanted to do?" Rin smirked and showed you the shark-like teeth of his.

"I..." you blushed as you tried to divert your eyes away from his lips.

"You're not denying it."

Feeling your face heating up even more, you decide to close your eyes shut. But the moment your eyes shut, you could feel soft lips on yours. This caused your eyes to instantly open again. Registering what just happened into your brain, you managed to kiss Rin back. However, Rin broke the kiss.

"[F/N]..." Rin look straight into your eyes.


"I love you [F/N]. I really do." Rin pushed you closer to him and kissed you passionately.

You kissed him back right away and deepened the kiss.

After a while of the little make-out session, Rin flipped you over before breaking the kiss, allowing you two to take in the air you needed. Looking at you, he could see that the shade in your eyes had darkened. He knew, and you knew, that both of you are full of lust right now.

"[F/N]." Rin whispered out huskily.

"Yes, Rin?"

"Do you remember what you told me a few days ago?"

You tilted your head to the side a bit, waiting for Rin to continue.

"On the day you confessed your feelings to me, at Samezuka."

"I said so many things to you that day... which one is it you're talking about?" To say the truth, you really wonder what it is you said that Rin is talking about.

Rin smirked at your respond, "If it's that kind of bite then..."

"Eh?" so that was what he's talking about?

However, before you were able to process anything, Rin kissed your neck, instantly finding your soft spot and biting on it.

"Ah~... Rin~!" You couldn't help but moaned out, the pleasure is just too much.

Rin pulled on the hem of your shirt. "This thing is in the way of our fun~"


"You're mine now [F/N]." Rin held you close to him.

"I've always been," you nuzzled into his chest as you said so.

The two of you snuggled together and fell asleep in each other arms.

Day 7 End. Mission Accomplished.

----Extended Ending----

"I still haven't told [F/N] what I wanted from her..." Rin mumbled quietly before going back to sleep with you in his arms.
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ZZZ-FOX-ZZZ Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist
*fangirling* Hehehehehe, Rin... :3 
arihdz Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I loooooove it *-*
Missing-Nins Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you~~!!Pikachus nuzzles cheeks 
A0la4dri6el Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013
You're really talented!
Yoooy......what Rin could want ....:D :)
You'll be doing more such work? 
Missing-Nins Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you~!
Yep, I'll be doing some more~

I'll probably make some bonus chapter(s) for the series as well. Hope you look forward to it 
Pikachus nuzzles cheeks 
A0la4dri6el Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
You're welcome :) 
Sure look forward to! :D :D
I burn with anticipation! :) 
Missing-Nins Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
First Bonus Chapter is out~!…
EdxRmxAl Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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